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I really do not have a standard meal plan. I ate three times a day and never minding the quantity and much more the quality of food.

Four weeks ago, I underwent a series of test for a required physical examination and it was found out, almost everything was high.  The markers that is suppose to be kept to normal limit was abnormally high.  Plus my over the bakud weight, it’s really a sad realization. But you cannot see me sad. You can still find me smiling.  The doctor even commented that I am taking the situation forgranted.  He thinks I am a serious case.  So, I was prescribed the following meds: NorizecNeoform, and Plogrel.

I should seriously have a healthy meal plan = that means I have to avoid sweets as well as high protein diet. I do not have plans to be plain vegetarian but at least my meal must compose 80% vegetables either raw or half-cooked.  I have to do it gradually. I will not altogether abandon the yummy evil foods (hahahaaha) especially if I am in a place where I will be having a hard time finding vegetables or fruits.   If I will be facing a table full of the usual yummy foods, then possibly I will eat one spoon each recipe. lol!

Whatever! I should get serious in working out to lose the body fats I have if I want my sugar to be regulated.

Now I know the evils of sugar! lol!

When Bored, Take a Selfie

When bored, take a selfie!

Try it then you will feel alert as blood rushes to your cheeks.  You get to blush feeling a bit shy of the thought that what if someone sees you smiling at your phone camera (alone).  It’s a bit embarrassing. Right?

I was getting bored waiting for my daughter to finish her clearance – so, I took this —

 photo 20140314_085209.jpg


See, I am blushing. hehehee


I was kind of disappointed that we are not making it to cdo.  We could if we really want to, but we are sure our time would not allow us.

The clearance I am talking about here is the graduation clearance. Yes, graduation clearance. My daughter is gonna graduate from high school. It made me pause a moment and realized how time flies. My toddler girl is now one huge teenager and will be off to college in June. I can imagine how many more years to go before my daughter would popped the question of when is she gonna get married or what is the ideal age for her to get married.

I stil do not have answers for that now in case she gonna ask me that. But all I know inside myself that I do not want her to marry early. I still want her to enjoy college, and then enjoy also the life after college.

Some Foods Pinoys Miss When They’re Abroad

There are many foods Pinoys missed when they are abroad.  Though it does not mean that they do not have the foods there. Some have it and some have counterparts. But Pinoys always wanted to have that “Pinoy” taste.

The other week I met a friend who I haven’t seen for many years. It was long already because the last time was still in College. She came home together with her family.  Good thing someone told me that they were staying at the campus guesthouse and I was in campus for the last PTA in my daughter’s high school life. So I really went to the guest house to meet Ate Giging.  She looked so young in spite of the many years we haven’t seen each other. I therefore conclude that you age slow when you are in America. I think it’s due to the nice weather there.

They have planned then to have a get together that evening – together with friends from Gingoog City.  And guess what foods we had that night aside from the ice cream as dessert?

Tada —

 photo 20140309_203438.jpg

Tuyo nga naay lamas! lol!

That’s not a viand actually. That’s a sauce for…

 photo 20140309_203446.jpg

Grilled Panga (facebone of huge tuna)

And something to warm the cold tummy –

 photo 20140309_203519.jpg

Isa ka kalderen nga tinolang isda!

Thank you and Ate Giging for the treat. Thanks for the chocolates, too!

Courtesys Staff Meeting at Tatays

Courtesy staff that includes Thanksgiving program was held at Tatay’s this year. It was the first time the venue was outside the campus, and some doctors really appreciated the change.

In my previous post, I showed photos of the food we often order when dining there.  But during the courtesy staff meeting, we ordered fruits. we occupied the whole place upstairs even the function room.

The projector used was doing well, thank God and also the shure microphone sm 58 that we used was working greatly. Their was not a stalled moment during that meeting.  Another courtesy staff meeting will be scheduled soon and it will just gonna be held here in the hospital.

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