Domino’s! After a Long Time!

 photo DOMINOBISCUITS_zpsab6deb4c.jpg


When was the last time you had this kind of baby food? Oh well, even in high school, I still love to eat this biscuits. It’s been a long time since I had one.  So after I bought this and brought it home, it reminds me the warmness of home more than thirty years ago.  It reminds me that me and my siblings will fairly divide the number of biscuits.

The last price that I can remember is one peso and fifty cents. Product price seldom goes down as the years go by. Most of it really goes up and this ordinary biscuit is not exempted. So when we went music shop hopping last December, we saw some items on spot lights that I thought would cost lower than the normal price. There were some, but if I have to think of the needs and wants category, it is still very expensive for me. I blame it on the brand.

Now back to this biscuit, I’d like to ask you, when was the last time you had this?  How about your kids? Do they like this brand of biscuits, too?

A Pause @ Prayer & Meditation Garden in AIIAS

I almost forgot about the these little moments I had with friends during our weekend at AIIAS early last year.  I love prayer gardens.  For me, it is a nice quiet place that allows you to get focused to spiritual meditation.  The one we went too is not very big but enough for two or three to be there for a silent Bible study.

Here are some of moments captured:

The name of the garden –

 photo DSC_2440_zpsa1705cee.jpg

Prayer pose –

 photo DSC_2460_zpsf371765a.jpg

 photo DSC_2479_zpsd5ea61ec.jpg

Candid poses –

 photo DSC_2450_zps3511f9e8.jpg

 photo DSC_2477_zpsc233e92a.jpg

 photo DSC_2472_zps809ffb07.jpg

I like it there!  A nice place to be at early part of the morning.  Although no matter what time you will go at day time, the place is still quiet because it is located at a distance from buildings occupied with people.   The campus is also wide that you can seldom see a big crowd like in the cities.  It is such a peaceful campus.

Meditation is a wholesome thing to do for every one.  It is seldom to find a secluded spot to do your meditation to get you focused.  But in AIIAS – you can find such ideal place.

Tourist Guide’s Art

I can never forget that these food art was being done by our boat guides while island hopping in El Nido Palawan.   For me, it’s a very creative talent.  All I can do is eat. ha ha ha

This is a cucumber salad, cucumber and tomato slices sprinkled with black pepper:

 photo DSC_0418_zps94067db0.jpg

Creative fit of watermelon slices and banana:

 photo DSC_0430_zps274f5a2c.jpg

Not just watermelon will do with banana, but also pineapple! The flower thing in the center is the head of a pineapple fruit. :)

 photo DSC_0432_zpsb00cf8cd.jpg

Now if you can easily do this stuff or even better than this, and is brave enough to tour the islands of El Nido even when the weather is not perfect. :)

North Luzon Trip: Day 1 Breakfast

We started our travel at ten in the evening. We arrived Vigan at six in the morning. Good thing Chowking is already open, so we had this:

 photo _IGP2590.jpg

 photo _IGP2591.jpg

It was still early morning but the humidity can already be felt. In spite that, we enjoyed our hot noodle soup for breakfast. After breakfast, we went to the direction of the famous Crisologo street to take some photos. Photos of that trip will be shared in my travel blog only. What I am going to share here will be just foods.

I was also tasked to browse for musical instruments here and I found out that they have a wide range of musical instruments sale. Such an interesting site for those who love guitars and such. It reminds me of a friend who have four different guitars in his music room right in his room.

Coconut Water: A Healthy Morning Drink

The Philippines is abundant with coconut trees. So it is just ordinary for someone to enjoy coconut water any time of the day. But for those who are living away from coconut plantation or even in coastal areas, we buy our coconuts from the market.

Here’s me enjoying a coconut water drink one sunny day —

 photo DSC_0381.jpg

I can really say, it is a healthy drink. No artificial colors and sweeteners in it. Just right for any one who is health conscious. I am not that health conscious but when any natural foods are available right in front of me, I pick it over some yummy looking sweets or cakes.

Sandwich : Ideal Snacks in School

Moms with little kids in school often have problems on what food their kids will enjoy for mid-day snacks or lunch.  Sometimes, they cannot even find the idea, so the solution would be giving their kid money or budget for snacks.

Personally, when my girl was still in the elementary level, I often let her bring a piece of fruit or sandwich – just like this:

 photo DSC_0099.jpg

You will have a choice on the filling = be it a jam or a peanut butter or one your kid’s favorite. This kind of sandwich is a student-recommended snacks and I am sure many parents are also doing the same. If not a sandwich, at least a fruit. But if they can afford both, much better.

We had this sandwich at a birthday get together. Made one morning with a sandwich maker and on top of the bed. Lol! While some were still sleeing, a friend was already busy filling sandwich with a creamy sandwich spread.

 photo DSC_0095.jpg

A Birthday Snacks & Brunch

When you are all alone and its your birthday,you surely won’t think of cooking for a celebration. You usually just grab whatever is available. So I remembered that we have these foods one morning during a friend’s birthday:

The Snacks –

 photo DSC_0087.jpg

The Breakfast –

 photo DSC_0102.jpg

Actually, this is better than nothing at all!