Pink Guitars for Girls

While going around the place the other day, we passed by a shop full of guitars.  I usually go into the guitar shop to check on their sale items, but this time, we just passed by it.  By the window, I saw a black guitar perfect for a girl.  But then I was thinking that a pink one for the daughter would be a nice pick especially from Musicians friend. So i tried browsing more online and also checked which shops sell a pink guitar such as this –

 photo TheVenturesModelVM-20CEAcousticElectricGuitarinHotPink.png

It’s a cutie! right? OH well, I hope to really find one before flying back home. I think it’s kind of a perfect gift.

Dog Postcards

I asked someone at work in the Philippines to send me some postcards. I gave her the liberty to send me any postcard she can see on my file. And this is one of them. dogs!


It is so timing because the first two homes I went to since I arrived here in Los Angeles, California is – they have pets! And guess what’s their pet? Of course, a dog! The home in Irvine city have Fiffy and the one in White Memorial, they have Precious. I wonder if they gonna needed packing materials if they decide to bring these pets home back to the Philippines. Oh well, they have pet carriers so I think that packing tape will not be needed anymore.

Bath Salts: Bring Home Present

Last year, when  a friend arrived from Bangkok my bring home present was a pack of bath salts . It took me sometime to use it because i seldom have time for leisure bathing. So if I plan for a leisure bath, i usually do it at the end of the day when everybody is done showering and ready for sleep. At first i do my laundry and then later, it’s my turn to bath myself. Scrub here and there and using a bit of the bath salt for foot exfoliation. I often wish we got a bath tub here but that’s a luxury if we have one.

Sometime my friends and I decided to enjoy a night at a hotel and guess what’s our ultimate goal? To have fun in the tub and use bath salts that will relax our moods. Then we finish the night away by watching girly movies. ^^

Bath salts is a nice “thinking of you” present for girl friends.

Netbook for Her

My daughter’s birthday is coming up. If my finances will just let me then i thought of getting a netbook for her as a gift. I read in yahoo news today the top netbook picks for a student. For a student! So for sure student life does not need those complicated specs and features for the time being. The important thing is that they can use their netbooks for researchable homeworks where ever they are or whenever they are on the go. One thing i also want to check if it has a extended laptop warranty because the product will be purchased from the states and then it will be used in the Philippines. So i think one year warranty would just be too short. An extended warranty would be an a great purchase option. Right?

I did not make any promise to my girl but hopefully in the soon future, she will also get her own laptop.

A netbook or a better cell phone? Hmmm deep thinking…I hope any of this will motivate her to study harder. =)

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