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As said in the previous post, we had seafoods for dinner.  I do not everything that comes from the sea, meaning, i only eat fish. But sometimes, especially when the dish is new to me, I do try to taste.  I am not so fun of it because of my allergic reactions to sea foods.  While enjoying dinner, a band of middle-aged men sang nice love songs — mostly of the past.  But they are songs that my companions are familiar with since they are songs loved by their parents.  I do not mean that I am as old as their parents. lol!  I admire the nice blending of the three guys.  The mic pre they were using were good that the sound outcome is not irritating to the ears.  If ever I will have the chance to visit Dumaguete again, I will surely dine in Hayahay during one of the evenings.

Hayahay | Lab-as

That is the name of the restaurant were we dined at during our dinner in Dumaguete last Monday evening.  Before settling on the said place, my friends tried to browse online which place people recommend to dine or what food that a visitor must taste while being there.   But then, a college classmate of Alex is in town, so she recommended this place.

It’s a seafood restaurant located beside the sea. So here’s what we ordered:

dinner enroute

a. Dumaguete Espesyal
b. Boullobaise (in coconut milk)
c. Calamares
d. Tinola (Maya Maya)

Since we do not know how soupy each recipe is except of course for the Tinola, so we ended up having lots of soup to fill our tummies. I think I had more than a 3 soup bowls of the Tinolang maya maya.

What we ordered was served at a reasonable time.  The music (live band) was nice, reminds me of good times in the past. lol!  Actually, it reminds of me Bacolod, which is just a 5-hours bus ride away.

Doctor’s Notes

Instead of writing down every single note that is made when the doctor is with a patient, a medical transcription service could work better.  The doctor or nurse can record what is said about the patient, the diagnosis and any treatments as well as any positive steps that have taken place with the patient. After the recording, you can enter what was said by typing it into a program. There are also programs that will type what is heard on the recording, making it easy for you to connect the recorder to the machine instead of entering everything yourself.

A transcription service is ideal for those who don’t understand all of the language that doctors speak. It is something that can be used by those who might have other things to do in the office but still need to get all of the notes from the day entered into a chart. You don’t have to know about all of the terminology as the service will enter the proper words. It only takes a few minutes, depending on how long the recording is, for everything to be entered into the system. This will make it easier to enter several records each day instead of just a few that you would enter if you were typing all of the information yourself.

Durian, the Yummiest Fruit on Earth!

Sad thing i forgot to take a photo of it. 3 big ones were opened at 11:30 or almost 12 midnight earlier. The fruit for the dinner eh. But the meeting took a long time so their dinner sort of becomes lunch or breakfast. lol!

Anyway, I did not eat a good serving because it is evening and I am still going to sleep. But i tried testing one that is just so yummmy soft and I so love it. I wish to eat more but control. There was some part that has to be thrown away because it was not perfectly ripe.  I wish I have a photo to be shared in this post so that you will see what the yummiest fruit on Earth looks like.

They said, Durian is the king of all fruits because its fragrance (the strong smell) overtakes all.  It can be overwhelming to some who does not like the fruit.  But for those who loves it, the smell makes your mouth water and you can’t stop daydreaming about it until you got a taste of the fruit.

Yearning for this king fruit can be the same yearning you will feel for some material things.  Like for example, some guys are just so obsessed with their toys – real sports car or even not a sports car at least their most coveted vehicle.    They can’t stop accessorizing it to the point that a partner will get jealous of the car.   They try to make sure the siding is not being scratched in the public, they made sure the sterio just sound alright, they made sure the tires have bentichi rims and has a good amount of air to keep it running smoothly. They make sure the steering wheel is comfortable to the grip. The make sure the side mirrors are working fine and in the right angle. Oh my man, a girlfriend sighs,  “My husband is just so engrossed with our car that I wish at times I am just a car, the one he wants most so that he will pamper me all the time”.

Going back to the Durian, I want to have a one seed serving of it tomorrow. ^^

Wanna have some?

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