Durian, the Yummiest Fruit on Earth!

Sad thing i forgot to take a photo of it. 3 big ones were opened at 11:30 or almost 12 midnight earlier. The fruit for the dinner eh. But the meeting took a long time so their dinner sort of becomes lunch or breakfast. lol!

Anyway, I did not eat a good serving because it is evening and I am still going to sleep. But i tried testing one that is just so yummmy soft and I so love it. I wish to eat more but control. There was some part that has to be thrown away because it was not perfectly ripe.  I wish I have a photo to be shared in this post so that you will see what the yummiest fruit on Earth looks like.

They said, Durian is the king of all fruits because its fragrance (the strong smell) overtakes all.  It can be overwhelming to some who does not like the fruit.  But for those who loves it, the smell makes your mouth water and you can’t stop daydreaming about it until you got a taste of the fruit.

Yearning for this king fruit can be the same yearning you will feel for some material things.  Like for example, some guys are just so obsessed with their toys – real sports car or even not a sports car at least their most coveted vehicle.    They can’t stop accessorizing it to the point that a partner will get jealous of the car.   They try to make sure the siding is not being scratched in the public, they made sure the sterio just sound alright, they made sure the tires have bentichi rims and has a good amount of air to keep it running smoothly. They make sure the steering wheel is comfortable to the grip. The make sure the side mirrors are working fine and in the right angle. Oh my man, a girlfriend sighs,  “My husband is just so engrossed with our car that I wish at times I am just a car, the one he wants most so that he will pamper me all the time”.

Going back to the Durian, I want to have a one seed serving of it tomorrow. ^^

Wanna have some?

Graduate Specials

One of the special treat for a graduate is celebration of thanks with nice foods and the support of a loving family.

My daughter’s graduation was a trying time for her since her grandma died just a couple of months before her graduation day.  Her grandma had been proudly telling anyone that she will still live until the day her grand daughter graduates from college.  Every time I remember her wishes, my heart breaks. I still miss my mom so much.

Another special treat for a graduate is getting her a senior’s class ring.  A senior class rings from a reliable jewelier can be a great gift for a graduate. Unfortunately, my daughter graduated in a Christian academy where unnecessary outward adornment is prohibited.  So after the graduation day, they traveled to a nearby resort for a bonding retreat.

1920417_10200931051838808_930520181_n 1505434_10200931051718805_1014656916_n

Something has to Change | My MealPlan

I really do not have a standard meal plan. I ate three times a day and never minding the quantity and much more the quality of food.

Four weeks ago, I underwent a series of test for a required physical examination and it was found out, almost everything was high.  The markers that is suppose to be kept to normal limit was abnormally high.  Plus my over the bakud weight, it’s really a sad realization. But you cannot see me sad. You can still find me smiling.  The doctor even commented that I am taking the situation forgranted.  He thinks I am a serious case.  So, I was prescribed the following meds: NorizecNeoform, and Plogrel.

I should seriously have a healthy meal plan = that means I have to avoid sweets as well as high protein diet. I do not have plans to be plain vegetarian but at least my meal must compose 80% vegetables either raw or half-cooked.  I have to do it gradually. I will not altogether abandon the yummy evil foods (hahahaaha) especially if I am in a place where I will be having a hard time finding vegetables or fruits.   If I will be facing a table full of the usual yummy foods, then possibly I will eat one spoon each recipe. lol!

Whatever! I should get serious in working out to lose the body fats I have if I want my sugar to be regulated.

Now I know the evils of sugar! lol!

When Bored, Take a Selfie

When bored, take a selfie!

Try it then you will feel alert as blood rushes to your cheeks.  You get to blush feeling a bit shy of the thought that what if someone sees you smiling at your phone camera (alone).  It’s a bit embarrassing. Right?

I was getting bored waiting for my daughter to finish her clearance – so, I took this —

 photo 20140314_085209.jpg


See, I am blushing. hehehee


I was kind of disappointed that we are not making it to cdo.  We could if we really want to, but we are sure our time would not allow us.

The clearance I am talking about here is the graduation clearance. Yes, graduation clearance. My daughter is gonna graduate from high school. It made me pause a moment and realized how time flies. My toddler girl is now one huge teenager and will be off to college in June. I can imagine how many more years to go before my daughter would popped the question of when is she gonna get married or what is the ideal age for her to get married.

I stil do not have answers for that now in case she gonna ask me that. But all I know inside myself that I do not want her to marry early. I still want her to enjoy college, and then enjoy also the life after college.

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