Answer Why Ivan Carlos Can not Appear Persib

Duo pemain Persela, Sadil Ramdani dan Ivan Carlos (kanan) merayakan gol timnya ke gawang Arema FC pada laga pekan ketujuh Liga 1 musim 2017 di Stadion Surajaya, Lamongan, Minggu (21/5/2017).

Answer Why Ivan Carlos Can not Appear Persib

Had tucked a big question before the match Persib Bandung counter Persela Lamongan at Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire, Wednesday (12/7/2017) night, because there is no name Ivan Carlos in the line-up Laskar Joko Tingkir team Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

In fact, the Brazilian foreign striker is included in the entourage Persela players who brought to Bandung. Even Persela coach Heri Kiswanto could not understand, why Ivan Carlos can not be played despite his condition is fit.

“If yesterday (against FC) did not play, because the red card. Kali did not play because of yellow card accumulation, against Semen Padang and Persipura, “said Persela manager Yunan Achmadi, as reported on the official club website.

Can not play Ivan Carlos, make Herkis, Heri Kiswanto familiar greeting, menduetkan Samsul Arif and Fahmi Al Ayyubi fill the front position. Herkis choice proved right, because Samsul managed to bring Persela equalized to 1-1, to go home with 1 point achievement.

However, Herkis regretted the incident. Because, himself as head coach Persela, and actually have designed a strategy game with Ivan Carlos reinforced, just knowing if the Brazilian striker was not able to be played when already in Bandung.

I was so upset with the conditions that befall one of his students, Herkis had accused the performance of the operators of the League 1 competition and also komdis, incompetent in carrying out his duties and impressed amateur.

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