Coach Persegres: PSM Opponents, That Series Has Been Miracles

Coach Persegres: PSM Opponents, That Series Has Been Miracles

Persegres Gresik United set a target that is not too grandiose when against PSM Makassar, Friday (22/09/2017). Persegres coach, Hanafi, admitted the draw has become a big surprise.

Persegres had just won the second victory throughout League 1 2017. They won 2-1 over Barito Putera.

Furthermore, Laskar Joko Samudro will meet a tough team, PSM. Persegres will be visited Andi Matalatta Stadium, Makassar, team headquarters nicknamed Juku Eja.

Hanafi realizes his team will face big challenges because PSM is at the top level and compete to become champion. This is what keeps him from setting high targets.

“PSM opponent, the series was a miracle because I know, PSM is a strong team, especially later they will play at home,” said Hanafi, Thursday (21/09/2017).

Even so, Hanafi rejected the assumption would apply an extra game of survival. A moral injection after winning over Barito could be a boost.

“We will keep playing open and will not be negative football. Moreover, yesterday had just won over Barito Putera, of course, the player’s confidence increased, “he said.

Hanafi cautioned the defenders to be more disciplined and communicative in guarding the area. The hope, the attackers PSM not freely scored.

When confirmed about PSM players who must watch out for, Hanafi reluctant to privilege someone. According to him, football is a team game.

“All our players are wary, because the flow of the ball can be from anyone. Moreover we are also used to lose, so just play off. Hopefully we will be able to minimally trouble PSM in the game later, “he said.

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