De Roon Official Returns to Atalanta

De Roon Official Returns to Atalanta

Martin De Roon certainly returned to Atalanta, he left Middlsbrough, with a nominal transfer of 13 million pounds.

The midfielder spent a season on the Premier League stage. He appeared 33 times with Boro, and successfully created four goals.

De Roon appeared in Boro’s first game in the Championship division, but the club now allows the player to return to his old club.

Nominal 13 million pounds, giving Boro a slight advantage, after they previously brought the 26-year-old player with a benderol of 12 million pounds.

Last season, Atalanta managed to end the season in fourth place standings, and De Roon did not hesitate to praise the achievements of the club.

“As long as I’m away from Atalanta, I keep in touch with the many players and their staff.”

“They played a great season, their best season. What they accomplished last season, is a crazy thing. “

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