Director of Persija Hope Jakmania Became Supporting Supporters

Director of Persija Hope Jakmania Became Supporting Supporters

President Director of Persija Jakarta, Gede Widiade, hopes The Jakmania can be an example for other supporters group Situs Poker Online. Gede Widiade also wants The Jakmania not to commit any violations that potentially harm the club.

“Let’s try to be better together, if the offense still happens, the loss is not only on the image of this club, but also the punishment of the fine, and finally we all lose,” said Gede Widiade.

After wading through the first round of League 1 2017, there are still many violations that occurred when Persija play. A number of violations were inseparable from the actions of Persija supporters, such as lasers toward players in the game counter FC Bhayangkara, spectators came to the field, and also chanting or racist songs.

“We ask our fellow audiences and The Jakmania not to commit such offenses again, let us show Indonesia and the world that we can be role models for others,” he continued.

In addition to Gede Widiade, Chairman of the Executing Committee Persija Game, Arief Perdana Kusuma, also requested that all Persija supporters can become more creative fans and be a role model for other supporters.

“Let’s work together to make things go the way they want, and if that happens, Jakmania will be a creative, courteous and positive supporter for other fans,” Arief said.

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