Indra Sjafri Acknowledge U-19 National Team Often Called Angkuh

Pelatih Indra Sjafri dan dua pemain Timnas U-19 saat berfoto bersama para pemain dan pelatih Espanyol B dalam sesi jumpa pers di Hotel Hilton Bandung, Kamis (13/7/2017)

Indra Sjafri Acknowledge U-19 National Team Often Called Angkuh

U-19 national team coach Indra Sjafri admitted he did not want to halfheartedly forged his foster children Taruhan Bola. Holding trials with the world’s top teams and aged away from his team is one way to educate foster children to avoid stage fright.

However, the way is not fully appreciated positively. Indra said, there are a number of parties who judge the current national team U-19 tend to be arrogant because often conduct tests with opponents that are not level.

“We have a lot of questions about why the national team is now more arrogant, the opponents in France are well ahead of them, and some of them are 16 years old, our answer is the experience first,” said Indra at the Hilton Bandung Hotel on Thursday (14/7/2017) .

Indra rate, compete with a team of level will not make foster children depressed. While he wants the opposing team can provide meaningful lessons for foster children.

“The national team tested in the country against U-21 is not lost, but once entered into the event we actually lost, because there is no pressure in the game at that time (trial) but in the match we are actually difficult,” said Indra.

Friday (07/15/2017) night, Indra Sjafri foster children will be tested Espanyol B at Bandung Gelora Stadium of Fire Lake. The game is part of the program he has set up for his team.

Indra said he hopes to hold a small tournament in Indonesia with overseas team participants. However, the difficulty of bringing the contestants makes Indra look for other alternatives.

“The match will be in accordance with the preparations I have made for the PSSI.This month there should be an international tournament held in Indonesia but it is difficult to bring in teams from outside more than one team and the last match tomorrow that substitute,” he said.

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