Italian media consider Bonucci Biang Keladi defeat AC Milan

Italian media consider Bonucci Biang Keladi defeat AC Milan

Milan AC Milan captain and defender Leonardo Bonucci became the target of the defeat of Sampdoria in Serie A advanced sixth week on Sunday (24/09/2017) Situs Judi Bola. The newly imported player from Juventus is considered the culprit of the bad results.

This assessment comes from three major media in Italy, namely Corriere dello Sport, Tuttosport, and La Gazetta dello Sport. They regard Bonucci as guilty of the defeat.

In addition to failing to lead his colleagues as captain, technically Bonucci also considered failing to stem the rate of attacker Sampdoria, Ricardo Alvarez when a second goal occurred.

Gazetta dello Sport mentioned, throughout the game, Bonucci too much catapulted the bait far. The 30-year-old defender is also not considered much of a move to block out Duvan Zapata and Ricardo Alvarez, two Sampdoria winners.

For such a performance, Gazetta dello Sport rated 5 for Bonucci’s performance. Meanwhile, Tuttosport gave a value of 4 to Bonucci. Tuttosport also rated Bonucci as annoying and arrogant, based on his protest against the referee’s decision.

While Corriere dello Sport, who gave a value of 4.5, looked at Bonucci often failed to provide a long pass correctly. He is also considered not showing the quality as the price (42 million euros) when trafficked to the San Siro from Juventus.

Since joining AC Milan, Bonucci often become the spotlight. Firstly because his decision to join the Rossoneri is considered only because of his outlet to Juventus.

Reportedly he left I Bianconeri due to disagreement with the Juventus officials. The next factor is the price that reached 42 million euros, which makes it the most expensive player AC Milan at once in Serie A in the transfer market last summer.

Since then, the public has often highlighted Bonucci every time AC Milan compete. Therefore, when Milan lost, he became the most blamed figure. It had happened before when his team slaughtered Lazio 4-1 at the Stadio Olimpico three weeks ago.

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