Klopp: Champions League will Affect Exchange Transfer

Klopp: Champions League will Affect Exchange Transfer

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp admits that the Reds’ escape to the Champions League will have a major impact in the transfer market Situs Poker.

He himself hopes their escape to the top European competition, will open the possibility for additional new players into the squad.

“It will have a big impact in the transfer market, especially if you can do it more often,” the German told reporters.

“Before the game, I’ve told you guys. Finding a player that is much more, than what we have today, is very difficult. I know people may have different ideas, but we’ve done our work, and it’s not easy for us to find the 20 best players in different positions.

They will say ‘Oh if you play in the Champions League, it will be great, because it signifies that you have a great club, and trained by a manager who is not so bad.’

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