Mongolia Vs Indonesian National Team U-22: Action Dead Life

Timnas Indonesia U-22

Mongolia Vs Indonesian National Team U-22: Action Dead Life

Indonesia U-22 national team will melakoni dead live match against Mongolia in the second match of Group H Asian Cup qualification U-23 2018 at Supachalasai National Stadium, Bangkok, Friday (21/07/2017) Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. Victory is mandatory for Garuda Muda.

Indonesia U-22 national team coach, Luis Milla also realized the importance of the game against Mongolia. Thus, he will prepare his team optimally after the 0-3 defeat of Malaysia in the inaugural game.

Two experienced players, Evan Dimas Darmono and Hansamu Yama Pranata are expected to play from the beginning. Evan and Hansamu are reserved against Malaysia is expected to replace the position of Gian Zola Nasrulloh and central defender PS TNI, Andy Setyo derived from the first minute of Malaysia counter.

In addition to Evan and Hansamu, changes in composition are also very likely performed Milla. Changes in the composition of the player will support the former 4-3-3 formation of former Real coach Zaragoza.

“We have done an evaluation after the game yesterday, we must win against Mongolia, because the last two games are like the final for us,” said the Spanish formation sprayer.

“For me the players in my squad are good players, I have no doubt that the 11 starter players are the best I’ve got off,” he continued.

In the opposing camp, the team nicknamed The Blue Wolves are in high confidence after holding Thailand 1-1 in the inaugural game. The positive capital also gives confidence for the team who diarsiteki Michael Weiss to achieve optimal results against the Indonesian national team U-22.

Weiss also will not ask his team to take care personally for one of the Garuda Young Team players. However, it does not mean the former coach of the Philippines is underestimating the Indonesian national team U-22.

“We will not focus on certain players, because we think positively and also think more of the team itself, our young players will remain vigilant against the U-22 national team and they will continue to try to develop their potential,” he said.

Estimated Player Composition

Mongolia (4-4-2): 20-Saikhanchuluun Amarbayasgalan; 8-Narmandakh Artag, 2-Munkh-Orgil Orkhon, 5-Tuguldur Galt, 19-Uuganbat Bat-Erdene; 7-Ganbold Ganbold, 10-Tuguldur Munkh-Erdene, 16-Tapenbayar Boldbaatar, 11-Tugsbileg Batbold; 9-Oyunbaatar Mijiddorj, 15-Gal-Erdene Soyol-Erdene

Indonesia (4-3-3): 18-Diky Indriyana; 2-Putu Gede, 23-Hansamu Yama, 5-Bagas Adi, 12-Rezaldi Hehanusa; 8-Muhammad Hargianto, 21-Hanif Sjahbandi, 6-Evan Dimas; 22-Yabes Roni, 9-Marinus Wanewar, 17-Saddil Ramdani

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