Robbie Fowler Commentary Marquee Player Madura United

Robbie Fowler Commentary Marquee Player Madura United

Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler is delighted with Madura United marquee player Peter Odemwingie’s performance in League 1. Fowler, who once felt Asian soccer’s atmosphere, understands that Odemwingie has overcome the pressure of being a foreign player.

Until 18 weeks League 1, the former Stoke City striker’s name is still at the top of the list of top scorers. He collected 13 goals, including three from the white point.

“I think he is part of a good plan from his team, we can not say that good plan should bring Peter Odemwingie,” said Fowler, Sunday (6/8/2017) night.

In Thai club Muangthong United, footballer born on April 9, 1975 had time to become a caretaker player and coach at the 2011/2012 season. From the standpoint of a Premier League legend who is hanging his shoes with an Asian team, Fowler says the success of foreign players in a league depends on his efforts to build closeness with local players.

“Everywhere you need chemistry with local players, when you play as a marque player you are required to play better,” he said.

“There will be much debate and comment in any league about that (foreign players).”

On the same occasion, Chelsea legend and captain Dennis Wise hopes the arrival of Odemwingie is useful for young Indonesian players. Young footballers of the country can get a lot of knowledge from foreign legions who come.

“I think it’s good for Indonesia because there will be a lot of knowledge that can be channeled to young players here, something that is really needed, an important knowledge,” Wise said.

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