Semen Padang Depak Didier Zokora for Budget Reasons

Semen Padang Depak Didier Zokora for Budget Reasons

Semen Padang officially decided the marquee player contract Didier Zokora ahead of the second round of League 1 2017 Agen Casino. Budget becomes an obstacle so the management team nicknamed Kabau Sirah is taking the decision.

“We officially cut Didier Zokora’s contract because of budget constraints,” said Semen Padang Manager Win Benardio, in Padang, Friday (4/8/2017).

According to him, the budget provided by management is limited. Moreover, the cost to follow the league is quite large because it uses home and away games every week.

In addition, the contribution of the television rating promised by PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the league operator until now there has been no clarity.

“We were forced to break Didier Zokora’s contract in the rest of the competition,” he said.

He explained that the budget provided by management since the beginning was without using marquee player so had to do savings.

“For this second round we agreed not to use marquee player because constrained budget,” he said.

Meanwhile, head coach of Semen Padang Nilmaizar said that the termination of Didier Zokora contract is a mutual agreement. He added that in addition to budgetary issues, the contribution of this Ivorian player to the team is also minimal.

He acknowledged, so far the team’s expectations against Zokora is huge and able to lift the team’s performances to achieve the big three targets at the end of the season.

“The vision and concept of Zokora game is good but the adaptation it does to the team does not go well,” he said.

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